Welcome to the official site of the galaxy's most animated band! The Shake Ups play power-pop songs about cartoons and pop culture. Features of this site include music, videos, tour dates, merchandise and all the latest news! Here's what's happening...

The band's second new album of 2018 is now available for PRE-RODER! A tribute to the giant robot sci-fi/fantasy classic, Voltron, Legendary Defenders will be released June 1st! Check out the first single and don't miss the CD Release Party!

The Shake Ups' other new album, Ponymania!, is available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or the band Web Store! Check out a few singles from the album, including "Hey! Hey!," "Friendship and Love" and "Magic Mirror."


In other recent news, the band has unleashed a musical project in the form of The Shake Ups In Beach City! Inspired by the award-winning Cartoon Network series and pop culture phenomenon Steven Universe, the album includes a dozen power-pop gems punctuated by blasts of surf guitar and new wave. The Shake Ups In Beach City is available from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and the band Web Store!

The Shake Ups perform original power-pop music inspired by pop culture, and more specifically, our favorite cartoons! Performances range from rock shows to children's birthday parties, and the venues include clubs, concert halls, convention centers, retail stores, restaurants, libraries and coffee shops. The Shake Ups are a real-life rock band of professional crowd pleasers whose performances are fun for the whole family!