The Shake Ups are an Indianapolis-based power-pop music collective. Welcome to our official site, where you'll find music, videos, tour dates, merchandise and news on our latest projects! Here's what's happening...

The band is preparing to unleash a new musical project this spring in the form of The Shake Ups In Beach City! Inspired by the television series and pop culture phenomenon Steven Universe, the upcoming album will include a dozen brand new power-pop gems in The Shake Ups style, punctuated by blasts of surf guitar and new wave. The album will be officially released on May 5th!


Meet The Shake Ups In Ponyville, an original music project inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! For the past four years, they've been wowing audiences of all ages across the U.S. with their brand of "pony power pop," performing at fan events (Ponycon, the My Little Pony Fair & Convention, Ponyville Ciderfest) and major conventions (GenCon, Wizard World, Pop Con, Comic Con). Performances range from rock shows to children's birthday parties, and the venues include clubs, concert halls, convention centers, retail stores, restaurants, libraries and coffee shops. The Shake Ups In Ponyville have released three full-length albums of original music; Mane Event, Pony Power Pop, and their latest disc, Rock Candy!

The Shake Ups are a real-life rock band of professional crowd pleasers whose performances are fun for the whole family!