Rari-Lee Bass Project

Hey, Rari-Lee here! I’m the bassist for the Shake Ups in Ponyville. I have a lot of fun playing all-ages music with these guys... so much so that I decided to transform an old bass of mine that’s seen better days into a truly awesome ponified bass machine to go along with my band-sona/character.

I took this aging p-bass clone and tore it down, collected the parts, designed and commissioned a new paint job, and ended up with what I hope is a fitting tribute to Rarity, who is best pony, end of discussion.

In case you are curious, this was originally a Peavy Milestone II with stock parts. Now the Rari-Bass features Bartolini pickups, La Bella Deep Talkin’ Bass strings, Hipshot tuners, a Hipshot A style bridge… pretty much new everything except for the original body and neck. The paint job is all pearlescent and it sounds and plays great!

The Rari-Bass will debut in a few weeks at our show at Ponyville Ciderfest in MilwaukeePony fans really shouldn’t miss this show; in addition to the Shake Ups, the guest list is killer. See you there!