Ponymania! Now Up For Pre-order!

The Shake Ups are back with Ponymania! - Now available for PRE-ORDER via Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and the band's Web Store!

The 14-track song cycle on Ponymania! brings the band's often-cited Beatles influence to the fore on power-pop stompers like "Hey! Hey!" and "Friendship and Love," while the album takes winding turns through rediscovered sounds of the sixties with the psych-era pastiche "Foal I Need," the introspective "Singing Myself in Circles," and the grooving "Saddle Up and Go." As the project takes lyrical inspiration from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Ponymania! includes tributes to the likes of Twilight Sparkle ("Twilight Time"), Big Mac ("Strong and Silent,"), Discord ("I'm the Draconequus"), Flurry Heart ("Little Flurry"), and Princess Celestia ("Summer Sun"). Fans of My Little Pony, the Fab Four, or quality power-pop won't want to miss the non-stop fun of Ponymania!

Ponymania! will be officially released Friday, March 23rd, and The Shake Ups will host an all-ages CD release show on Saturday, February 24th at Game Paradise in Indianapolis! See the event page for full details!



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